Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 - What does this year hold for you?

What does 2015 hold for you?

What do you plan to do with this new year?

The plan for this year is to continue to live a life grateful in the Nembutsu.

We will begin construction of a permanent altar for Myoko-in Temple NW.  In March of 2014, we purchased a large historic school in Deer Island, Oregon. The main two room school has been converted on the inside into our home.  Deer Island Manor was originally built in 1908 and served as a school to the small community of Deer Island up until 2009.  The school comes with a gymnasium.  The gym, now known as "The Great Hall" houses an art collection and library.  It will soon be the permanent home to Myoko-in Temple NW, a Jodo Shinshu Temple run by Rev. Diane Jishin (Johnson) Dunn (me).  The new altar (Naijin) will be installed during the months of February and March 2015.  Services are bring held the second Sunday of each month.  Once the Naijin is complete services will be held twice a month with Dharma talks and other Dharma activities.  Deer Island Manor also hosts guests as a Bed and Breakfast and has two large guest bedrooms with king sized beds.  We are located on AIRBNB and Facebook.  Come visit, share a meal with us and share the Dharma with us!

I will be working on a second book of poetry and will be collaborating with Shin poet, Marcus Jishin Cumberlege.  I am hoping for wonderful things to come about as I work with my dear friend Marcus.

I hope this little note reaches you and finds you well and happy and living a full life in the Nembutsu.

I encourage all of you to write, write write...write your thoughts and feelings about being a Shin Buddhist.  What does it mean to you?  What does Shin Buddhism do for you?  Is Amida in your daily life?  Have you said the Nembutsu today?

Let's say it together....  Namu Amida Butsu.....Namo Amida Butsu....Na-Man-Da-Bu......Na-man-da-bu.....Na-man-da-bu......



  1. I'm sure we would all love to see photos of the new altar!

  2. Please continue writing these wonderful and necessary posts !!